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What Are Sinus Headaches?

What are Sinus Headaches? What you need to know about sinus headaches. Chances are good you’ve experienced a sinus headache at some point in your life. You remember the pounding pressure Read More

What should I do for an ear infection?

Do you or your child have a painful ear infection? A very common condition, most people suffer from at least one ear infection at some point, typically during childhood. Thankfully, Read More

Signs you may be experiencing hearing loss

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, an estimated 20 percent of Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Could you be one of them? Because hearing loss Read More

Guard youself against a sore throat this winter

Winter is fast approaching, which means that all of the common cold symptoms likely aren't far behind. Don't spend this winter suffering from a sore throat. Here are five ways Read More

FAQs about Thyroid Surgery

Has your doctor mentioned that you may need thyroid surgery, either soon or in the future? If so, you likely have several questions. Here are the basic facts you need Read More

Do Air Purifiers Really Help with Allergies?

Find out if getting an air purifier could actually help to combat those pesky Oxnard allergies. While we all love the warm weather that summer brings, no one likes all the Read More

Why is My Mouth So Dry?

Find out if your dry mouth could be due to a salivary gland problem. Dry mouth can be annoying when it happens occasionally but it can be a downright nuisance if Read More

Treatment for a Deviated Septum

What are your treatment options if you have been diagnosed with a deviated septum? Has your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor diagnosed you with a deviated septum? A deviated septum is a Read More

Protecting Your Hearing At That Summer Music Festival

Learn how to arm your ears with the proper protection they need to prevent hearing loss. When the warm weather comes around we also welcome all the fun outdoor events and Read More

Signs of Hearing Loss in Adults

Find out if your symptoms could be indicative of hearing loss, and what your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor can do to help. Hearing loss symptoms Your hearing loss symptoms may include any Read More

Defend Yourself Against Springtime Allergies!

Find out how to fight back against your persistent allergies this season. Now that Spring has finally sprung you may have noticed that the sneezing, itchy eyes and scratchy throat have Read More

How to Avoid Ear Infections

Your Camarillo ENT doctor recommends these handy hints for both preventing and treating an ear infection. No one likes dealing with the pain and discomfort of an ear infection, but at Read More

What Conditions Can Sinus Surgery Relieve?

Find out if surgery is the answer for your sinus-related issues. While some of us will deal with the dreaded once a year sinus infection, those with chronic sinusitis aren’t as Read More

Hearing Loss and Your Child

Does your child struggle with a case of hearing loss that leaves them frustrated and you looking for answers? While hearing loss can seem like a debilitating thing that affects Read More

Overcoming Your Seasonal Allergies

It's that time of the year again: as the days get colder and the air gets drier, our noses get runny and our throats get itchy, often leading to full-blown Read More

Preparing For A Sinus Surgery

Did you know that even the most dysfunctional sinuses can find full relief right here in Simi Valley, CA? That's because West Coast Ear, Nose, and Throat employs only the Read More

Viewing 81 - 96 out of 105 posts