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Preparing Your Home For The Upcoming Allergy Season

Learn how to limit your allergy symptoms from your Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Camarillo and Simi Valley ENTs. Spring weather means an increase in allergy symptoms. Although you can't get rid of Read More

When Is Sinus Surgery Needed?

What your ENT specialist in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Camarillo and Simi Valley wants you to know If you suffer from sinus issues, you are all too familiar with the pain, pressure and sinus Read More

How We Can Help With Your Allergy Symptoms

What Your ENT specialists in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Oxnard want you to know Allergies are your body’s response when it’s exposed to a foreign substance. The foreign substance called an Read More

How Can An ENT Help Me?

What your ENT doctors in Ventura County, California, want you to know. ENT specialists treat conditions related to your ears, nose and throat. Your ears, nose and throat are complex parts of your body, prone Read More

Thyroid Surgery And How To Prepare For The Big Day?

Are you scheduled for thyroid surgery? The ear, nose and throat doctors at West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat in Simi Valley, Oxnard, Camarillo and Thousand Oaks, CA explain how you should Read More

Reasons You May Need Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid issues may require treatment in the form of surgery. However, determining you have a thyroid issue which requires surgical treatment can be overwhelming or confusing without any prior knowledge Read More

How Do I Know If I Have an Allergy?

With allergy season upon us, you may notice yourself sneezing and sniffling more often than normal. However, allergies come from more sources than just pollen or grass. But how do Read More

How Should I Clean My Ears?

While keeping your ears clean may not be the first priority on your daily hygiene routine, it is an important part of keeping your body healthy. However, there is often Read More

Signs You May Be Suffering from Hearing Loss

As you age, it is normal to experience some hearing loss. However, realizing you are suffering from this condition may be surprising. Find out the warning signs of hearing loss Read More

Understanding Bell's Palsy

Bell's palsy is usually an acute condition that causes temporary paralysis on one side of the face. The paralysis to the nerve that controlss the affected muscles is typically caused Read More

How To Deal With Sinus Pain?

Whether from seasonal allergies or a bout with a cold or flu, most people have experienced the throbbing and aching sensation across the nose, forehead, eyes, and cheekbones that characterizes Read More

FAQs About Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery has saturated popular culture in the last few decades with the rise of cosmetic procedures like liposuction and Botox. Although some procedures are simpler than others, and Read More

FAQs about Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Over 200,000 babies are born with a cleft lip and palette in the United States every year according to the Mayo Clinic. When the roof of the mouth (palette) does Read More

How To Prevent Fungal Sinusitis

My sinuses hurt all the time; What Can I Do? How you can prevent fungal sinusitis. Your head hurts right above your eyes, and your nasal passages are so irritated. The Read More

Common Facial Sports Injuries

How Do I Protect Myself from Facial Sports Injuries? What you need to know about common facial sports injuries. If you play sports, you need to know how to protect yourself from Read More

What Is Hay Fever?

What is Hay Fever? What you need to know about hay fever. When plants start to flower and grass starts to grow, do you start sneezing and have itchy, watery eyes Read More

Viewing 65 - 80 out of 105 posts