Deviated Septum & Nasal Obstruction Surgery

Nasal Obstruction

Difficulty breathing through the nose, or nasal obstruction, is a common problem seen in our clinic. This issue can have a significant issue on a person’s quality of life. One side or both sides of the nose may be “plugged.” For some, the obstruction may come and go; for others, the obstruction may be present all of the time.

Nasal obstruction may be caused by two main factors: swelling inside the nose (mucosal inflammation) or structural problems. Your ENT will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your nose to determine the contribution of each of these factors. Your nasal obstruction may be effectively addressed with medications, including nasal sprays. For some, further interventions with procedures may be needed to achieve satisfactory nasal breathing.

Deviated Septum

One of the most common reasons for difficulty breathing through the nose is a deviated, or “crooked”, septum. The septum is the wall that divides your nose into a left and right side. If the septum is deviated and not straight, it can narrow one or both sides of the nose. Our ENTs can fully evaluate your septum in our offices to determine if you are a candidate for a septoplasty.


A septoplasty is a well-tolerated surgery under general anesthesia where your surgeon will straighten your septum to improve your nasal breathing. This is accomplished with one incision inside of the nose. There is no bruising or swelling on the outside of your nose, nor does it affect the appearance of your nose. Generally, patients notice immediate improvement in their nasal breathing following septoplasty.

Additional Procedures for Nasal Obstruction
Your surgeon may discuss additional procedures to improve your nasal breathing, in combination with a septoplasty or as a standalone procedure. Some of these procedures may be performed in the office with local anesthesia. Please see further information on VivAer [], which gently decreases swelling inside the nose and remodels the nasal tissues.

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