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By West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat
October 30, 2019
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A raging sore throat is winter's most common health complaint. Here at West Coast ENT Head and Neck Surgery in Simi Valley, Camarillo, Sore ThroatOxnard, and Thousand Oaks, CA, your team of seven ENT doctors see sore throats all the time. They'll uncover the cause of yours and give you the right treatment.


The causes of sore throats

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that the cold virus is the most frequent cause of sore throats. Additionally, tobacco usage, strep bacteria, mononucleosis, or the flu virus precipitate the scratchy feeling, painful swallowing, and hoarse voice that acutely affect both children and adults. Severe and persistent allergies, shouting, and environmental irritants such as outdoor pollution (car exhaust) may lead to painful throats, too.

Furthermore, there are some additional causes that may be more worrisome, and that's where the professional team here at our offices in Simi Valley, Camarillo, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks, CA, come in. The CDC explains that sore throats which persist for more than seven days require medical evaluation, as do accompanying symptoms such as:

  • Problems with swallowing and breathing
  • Blood in saliva or phlegm
  • Drooling
  • Joint pain
  • Skin rash
  • A lump on the side of the neck
  • Weight loss which cannot be explained


What you should do

If these severe symptoms arise, call a primary care physician here at West Coast ENT Head and Neck Surgery. You may need a strep culture test—a simple swabbing of the back of the throat that can confirm the presence of dangerous strep A bacteria. The doctor may prescribe antibiotic medication to quell a strep infection.

For concerns other than infectious disease, your ENT doctor may do an in-office examination with a lighted laryngoscope. This allows him to view the interior of the throat, including the vocal cords, and any structural abnormalities or tumors.


Contact us

Sore throats can be more than annoying. They can be deceptive and even dangerous to your systemic health. If you have one which persists or seems unusual in intensity and length, please contact one of our four locations in Simi Valley, Camarillo, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks, CA. Phone us at (805) 379-9646 to schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor today.

By West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat
August 08, 2017
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Has your sore throat been lingering much longer than you hoped? Find out why!sore throat

A sore throat is always a nuisance but a sore throat that doesn’t seem to go away seems like a nightmare, right? There are many things that could be to blame for your sore throat. Luckily, our Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard and Camarillo, CA, otolaryngologists are here to help you get to the bottom of it.

If you have a sore throat that keeps coming back or doesn’t seem to go away after a week or more then this is certainly not something to ignore. This is your body’s way of trying to tell you that something is wrong.

A sore throat could be the result of a viral or bacterial infection. Perhaps you had a bout of strep throat that you never got treated or you have a bad case of tonsillitis (which could be the case if you notice pain on only one side of your throat).

If you also have swollen lymph nodes in the neck along with a sore throat this is something that our Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard and Camarillo ENT doctor will need to look at right away.

Other causes of a chronic sore throat include:

  • Smoking
  • Mouth breathing
  • Dry air
  • Allergies
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Influenza
  • Mononucleosis
  • STI (e.g. gonorrhea; chlamydia)
  • GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

As you can see, there are so many different things that could be responsible for your sore throat that it will be impossible to diagnose online. This is why you should come in for a proper diagnosis if your symptoms are severe, if your sore throat gets worse (even with at-home care), if you have a high fever or if you develop a rash.

How is a sore throat treated?

The course of action we take will depend on the cause of your symptoms. Of course, there are certain steps you can take to help minimize your sore throat. If dry air is to blame, consider putting a humidifier in your home (ideally, the bedroom). Avoid smoking and other tobacco products (even secondhand smoke), and gargle with salt water (which can ease swelling and discomfort).

If your sore throat is due to a bacterial infection (e.g. strep throat) then antibiotics will need to be prescribed in order to kill the bacteria. In the case of a viral infection, this condition will not require medication (it will usually just go away on its own).

If your sore throat is due to GERD then it’s important that you turn to a gastroenterologist who can recommend either an over-the-counter or prescription medication to help reduce stomach acid.

West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat provides the thorough ENT care you need in the Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley, CA areas. If you are dealing with a sore throat that doesn’t go away then it’s time you called us to get some answers.

By West Coast ENT
December 02, 2015
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Winter is fast approaching, which means that all of the common cold symptoms likely aren't far behind. Don't spend this winter suffering from a sore throat. Here are five ways to prevent a sore throat, courtesy of your ENT at West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat in Oxnard.

1. Wash Regularly

The best way to prevent a sore throat is to keep germs away from you. Wash your hands regularly, especially after visiting public places. Clean and sanitize the surfaces in your home, especially the ones that are touched frequently or cleaned irregularly, including door knobs, the fridge door, your cell phone and the computer keyboard.

2. Avoid Touching Your Face

Unfortunately, no matter how often you wash and clean, you will never be able to rid your surroundings of all of the germs. Your best defense, therefore, is simply to keep them out of your body. Do so by avoiding touching your eyes, mouth, nose and ears, where germs can get in. Also, if you have any cuts or wounds, be sure to cover them.

3. Use a Humidifier

In addition to germs, another common factor in a sore throat is dry air. Prevent the air in your home from becoming too dry by running a humidifier. If you don't own a humidifier, standing in a warm shower can help as well.

4. Gargle Salt Water

If, despite following the steps above, you still feel a sore throat coming on, stop it in its tracks by gargling salt water. Salt water flushes the excess mucous and germs out of your throat so it isn't so irritated. Use one teaspoon salt mixed in eight ounces of water. Be sure to drink plenty of water without salt as well.

5. Drink Tea with Honey

If you aren't a big fan of water, drinking tea with honey is another way to keep your throat well soft and hydrated. Plus, honey acts as a natural cough suppressant, helping your throat feel better at the first sign of scratchiness.

No one wants to spend the winter suffering from a sore throat. Prevent your throat from falling victim by following these five tips from your trusted ENT at West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat in Oxnard, starting today.

Have you already tried all of the above tips without success? If your sore throat has persisted for more than a week, it seems severe or you have any questions, don't hesitate to call your trusted ENT at West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat in Oxnard to set up an appointment for further help. We're here to help you feel your best.

By West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat
February 06, 2015
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With the flu season now in full swing, you've got to remain on your guard if you don't want to have to suffer through the typical runny nose, stuffed-up sinuses, and sore throat symptoms indicative of a cold. Unfortunately, many of us succumb to a cold during these winter months despite our best efforts not to, leaving us irritable and in pain until our immune system clears it out.

But at West Coast Ear, Nose, and Throat, you can stop sore throats in their tracks before they've got a vice grip on your neck! Using Throatthe expert techniques of the ENT doctors on site, you'll leave happy and your throat will, too, serving as a testament to the fact that your cold symptoms are no longer in control.

If you have a sore throat and want to try to overcome the pain from home, take a look at these helpful tips below:

  • Drink more water. This helps flush out your body's toxins (which could be at least one of the reasons your throat is sore) while soothing your burning throat on the way down.
  • Warm tea with honey does work. This delicious home remedy soothes and relaxes your irritable throat.
  • If you don't already have one, get a steamer (or humidifier). Use it in your bedroom while you sleep for full throat relief the following morning.
  • Gargle with warm salt water. Do this several times every day until the pain clears.
  • Try over-the-counter pain reliever options. Ones like Tylenol Sore Throat, Advil, or Motrin IB have been found to do wonders for sore throats
  • Get plenty of rest. This helps supercharge your immune system so it can fight off whatever's laid claim to your esophageal tract and get your throat back to its normal, painless self in no time.
  • Don't eat fatty, citrus, or spicy foods. Doing so will only irritate your throat further!

For more information on how you can keep your throat feeling good this season, give the trusted ENT doctors at West Coast ENT a call today at (805) 484-5929 for the full throat relief you've been looking for right here in Camarillo, CA!