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July 30, 2015
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What are your treatment options if you have been diagnosed with a deviated septum?

Has your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor diagnosed you with a deviated septum? A deviated septum is a condition in which the wall that Deviated Septumdivides the nose in half is significantly displaced. Some people may not even know they have a deviated septum if you are noticing symptoms such as congestion, problems breathing, recurrent sinus infections or nosebleeds then you may want to talk to us about your treatment options.

How to Manage Your Symptoms

Those with a deviated septum might experience facial pain, nosebleeds and difficulty breathing due to an obstruction of one or both of the nostrils. To reduce your symptoms your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor may recommend over-the-counter medications or even certain prescriptions depending on the severity of your symptoms. Some of these medications include:

Decongestants: This will help to reduce swelling to lessen nasal obstructions, making it easier to breathe. Decongestants either come in pill or nasal spray form. Just take caution when using nasal sprays regularly, as it can actually cause symptoms to become worse (a rebound effect). Talk to your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor about whether nasal spray decongestants are right for you.

Antihistamines: These medications help to reduce runny noses, obstructions and allergy symptoms. Histamines are naturally occurring chemicals found in the body that help to fight certain pathogens (e.g. allergies). These chemicals are also known to cause swelling in the throat and nose. Antihistamines’ role is to block the release of histamines to prevent these symptoms from occurring.

Steroidal Nasal Sprays: Prescription-strength sprays can go a long way to reducing inflammation in the nasal tissue to help facilitate drainage. Steroidal sprays usually take a few weeks to take effect, so it’s important to continue taking this medication as directed by your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor.

While these medications can help you manage your symptoms, they will not fix your deviated septum. The only way to correct this condition is with surgery. This in-patient surgery is known as septoplasty, and it requires us to cut and remove certain parts of the septum and then reposition it. Symptoms caused by having a deviated septum should almost completely go away after surgery, but allergy-related symptoms will not be eliminated by this procedure.

If you are suffering from symptoms of a deviated septum then it’s time to contact your ENT doctor in Thousand Oaks today. Call West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat to finally get the relief you need.