Find out if surgery is the answer for your sinus-related issues.

While some of us will deal with the dreaded once a year sinus infection, those with chronic sinusitis aren’t as fortunate. These annoying and persistent symptoms last chronic suffers over 12 weeks. If you are currently dealing with severe or chronic sinus issues then it might be time to find out how getting sinus surgery in Oxnard could improve your health.

Goal of Sinus Surgery

The main purpose of sinus surgery is to help drain the sinuses and to remove any blockages that might be present. While some patients may find the relief they need through more conservative means, surgery may be the only option for those who have severely blocked or infected sinuses.

Types of Sinus Surgeries

There are two different kinds of sinus surgeries: the traditional form and an endoscopy. Most patients choose endoscopies because they are less invasive, and cause fewer side effects and also offer a shorter recovery time.

Endoscopic sinus surgery: An endoscopy uses a thin, flexible scope that goes inside your nose to help eliminate the blockage and to help drain the sinuses. It can also be used to remove small pieces of bone or other problems that could be blocking the sinuses, as well as sinus polyps.

Traditional sinus surgery: While endoscopic surgery in Oxnard is often preferred, there are times when only traditional surgery is best. One example is if there are complications (e.g. pus in the sinuses, an infection in the bones or an abscess in the brain) as a result of chronic sinusitis. In traditional surgery an incision is made either inside the mouth or through the face.

What Sinus Surgery Treats

Your Oxnard ENT doctor may recommend sinus surgery if you are dealing with any of these problems:

  • You have chronic sinusitis
  • Nasal polyps (causing a sinus blockage)
  • A fungus causing sinus infection
  • A sinus infection that spreads to the face, brain or eyes
  • Nasal tumor or growths
  • Tear duct blockage
  • Lack of smell

If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis or any of the above conditions then can’t find relief from other treatment options then it might be time to consider sinus surgery. Talk to your Oxnard ENT doctor at West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat.