The Benefits of Sinus Surgery

The Benefits of Sinus Surgery

If you’re suffering from blocked sinuses, let the specialists at West Coast Ear, Nose, and Throat help you determine if sinus surgery in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, or Camarillo, CA is the solution for you.

How Sinus Surgery Can Improve Your Life

Millions of people suffer from sinus issues. It’s often temporary, and many find relief from noninvasive treatments. However, some suffer from chronic sinus issues that aren’t relieved by medication. In these cases, sinus surgery is often the key.

During this surgery, the doctors at West Coast Ear, Nose, and Throat in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, and Camarillo, CA are able to enlarge the nasal passages, and any tissue that is causing or promoting sinus symptoms can be removed. This process provides the following benefits and more.

Improves Drainage

The most obvious benefit of sinus surgery is that it makes it possible for the sinuses to drain as they are intended to do. This allows you to breathe easier.

It's important to understand, though, that surgery is not a replacement for medication. However, it can make any medicine you take more effective.

Reduction in Pain and Pressure

When the sinuses cannot drain naturally, they become blocked and build up. Such a build-up leads to headaches, pressure, and pain in the face. Without addressing it properly, it can last for months at a time. As surgery allows for natural drainage, these painful blockages don’t occur.

Improved Sleep

Sinuses and blockages can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, leaving sufferers waking up more exhausted than they were when they went to bed. By opening up the passageways and allowing the sinuses to drain, you can achieve a greater quality of sleep.

Less Dry Mouth

People with sinuses have trouble breathing through their noses, so they naturally begin breathing through their mouth, instead. This can cause severe dry mouth and bad breath. Surgery can allow you to breathe freely through your nose again, greatly reducing dry mouth and related issues.

Get Back to Life

As you begin to get more rest and aren’t impacted by your sinuses, you can start to enjoy life again. You’ll have more energy, less pain, and less irritability. You’ll likely notice that you’re more productive and that you get to enjoy your loved ones more.

If you’re tired of suffering from sinus symptoms, make an appointment with West Coast Ear, Nose, and Throat to discuss the benefits of sinus surgery for you. You can schedule your appointment in Thousand Oaks at (805) 379-9646, Simi Valley at (805) 527-7320, Oxnard at (805) 983-0395, and Camarillo at (805) 484-5929.

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