Find out if your symptoms could be indicative of hearing loss, and what your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor can do to help.

Hearing loss symptoms

Your hearing loss symptoms may include any of the following:Hearin Aids

  • Muffled sounds
  • Trouble understanding words, particularly in loud environments
  • Problems making out consonants
  • Needing people to repeat themselves or speak louder
  • Turning the volume up on your sound system or TV

Since you have trouble hearing what people are saying you may also find that you don’t participate in certain conversations or you may stay away from social situations altogether.

When to see your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor

Hearing is vitally important and not a matter to take lightly. If you are finding that your hearing troubles are affecting your life then it’s time to schedule an appointment, particularly if you notice that sounds are more muffled, if you have to turn up the volume more often and if it’s difficult understanding people in a crowd.

Hearing loss causes

Hearing loss can happen when the hairs and nerve cells within the ear become damaged. This can be due to aging or heredity, as well as certain professions (e.g. construction) or participating in certain recreational hobbies (e.g. firearms; motorcycling).

However, hearing loss can also be brought about by certain medications (e.g. chemotherapy), which can damage the inner structures of the ear. Furthermore, certain illnesses like meningitis can also cause permanent damage to the ear.

Temporary forms of hearing loss can be brought about by a ruptured eardrum or earwax buildup.

Hearing loss treatments

Sometimes the treatment is as simple as having your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor remove the earwax buildup; however, it’s usually not this minor. Some patients will require surgery, particularly those who have suffered an ear injury or have had multiple ear infections.

Other patients find hearing aids to be effective in making sounds or speech easier to understand and pinpoint, even in noisy situations. We would be happy to talk to you about your different hearing aid options in Thousand Oaks.

Cochlear implants are also an option for those with severe hearing loss. If a patient has a damaged inner ear, the cochlear implant can make it possible for someone to hear again. This is different from a regular hearing aid, in which the sounds are only amplified to make it easier to hear those around you.

If you are having trouble understanding what people around you are saying don’t just shy away from conversations. Be a lively part of the conversation again by seeing your Thousand Oaks ENT doctor regarding your hearing loss. Let West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat help you hear again!