Common Causes Of Hearing Loss

Common Causes Of Hearing Loss

Your hearing is precious, and if you think you are losing your hearing, it can be unsettling. Your ENT specialist can help. The ENT specialists at West Coast Ear, Nose, Throat, Head & Neck Surgery offer comprehensive ENT services, including diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. They have several convenient office locations in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, and Camarillo, CA.

What You Need To Know About Hearing Loss

You may be experiencing hearing loss due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Aging, which results in degenerative changes in your inner ear
  • Earwax buildup, which can block sound from reaching your inner ear
  • Exposure to loud noises, which can cause damage to your inner ear
  • Medications, including Viagra, chemotherapy drugs, and some antibiotics
  • Illnesses with a high fever, including meningitis, which can cause damage to the cochlea

Hearing loss can sneak up on you, with changes so subtle, you may hardly notice. You may be experiencing hearing loss if you:

  • Hear only muffled speech and sounds
  • Need people around you to speak more slowly and loudly
  • Want to avoid social situations because you can’t hear
  • Have problems distinguishing speech from background noise
  • Have difficulty hearing consonants within words
  • Need the volume on the television to be turned up
  • Notice some sounds being louder than usual
  • Have problems following conversations
  • Have difficulty talking on the phone
  • Have problems hearing in a crowded room

If you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms listed above, it’s time to visit your ENT specialist for a hearing screening. If you do have hearing loss, your ENT specialist offers a full range of hearing aids to help restore your hearing.

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